7.2 Communication and Friends


  1. Compare and contrast different types of friendships.
  2. Describe the cycle of friendship from formation to maintenance to dissolution/deterioration.
  3. Discuss how friendships change across the life span, from adolescence to later life.
  4. Explain how culture and gender influence friendships.

Do you consider all the people you are “friends” with on Facebook to be friends? What’s the difference, if any, between a “Facebook friend” and a real-world friend? Friendships, like other relationship forms, can be divided into categories. What’s the difference between a best friend, a good friend, and an old friend? What about work friends, school friends, and friends of the family? It’s likely that each of you reading this book has a different way of perceiving and categorizing your friendships. In this section, we will learn about the various ways we classify friends, the life cycle of friendships, and how gender affects friendships.

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