5.3 Improving Listening Competence


  1. Identify strategies for improving listening competence at each stage of the listening process.
  2. Summarize the characteristics of active listening.
  3. Apply critical-listening skills in interpersonal, educational, and mediated contexts.
  4. Practice empathetic listening skills.
  5. Discuss ways to improve listening competence in relational, professional, and cultural contexts.

Many people admit that they could stand to improve their listening skills. This section will help us do that. In this section, we will learn strategies for developing and improving competence at each stage of the listening process. We will also define active listening and the behaviors that go along with it. Looking back to the types of listening discussed earlier, we will learn specific strategies for sharpening our critical and empathetic listening skills. In keeping with our focus on integrative learning, we will also apply the skills we have learned in academic, professional, and relational contexts and explore how culture and gender affect listening.

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